At the Law Offices of Aksana M. Coone, we take great pride in establishing close working relationships with clients and referring attorneys to provide effective solutions and tangible results.  Our firm handles many referrals from attorneys around the country who are either unfamiliar with handling maritime personal injury cases or require assistance with matters that must be filed in California due to forum selection provisions in cruise Passage Contracts. 

Our firm welcomes the opportunity to work with other attorneys.  We understand what is important to you as a referring attorney in choosing local counsel.  We recognize your need to feel confident your client will be represented by an experienced, ethical and competent personal injury attorney who will yield the best results.  We appreciate the relationship attorneys have with a referred client and will always honor and respect that relationship, and if applicable, will limit our role to the representation you have requested.

If you do not handle maritime personal injury matters, your client deserves the expertise we can offer.  With extensive experience in litigating cruise passenger injury and wrongful death cases as well as crew member Jones Act, unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure claims, we will provide diligent and expert legal representation for your clients in any personal injury or wrongful death case.  We are eager to assist clients that are referred to us to recover the compensation they deserve.  Each case is handled with the utmost care and attention and with professionalism, integrity and compassion.  Throughout the handling of a referred matter, we will also maintain ongoing communications with the clients and referring attorneys so that you feel confident about the progress of the case. At the conclusion of the case, we will promptly pay the agreed upon referral fee.

Princess Cruise Line Injury Attorney Referral

With our experience and competitive referral fees, we offer a compelling solution for client referrals.  We comply with all State Bar rules when entering fee sharing arrangements and will be happy to enter into an appropriate referral fee arrangement with you.

If you are presently litigating a case and need assistance, we will gladly associate in a case and enter into an appropriate agreement that allocates fees, costs and work responsibilities between our firm and yours. 

Please contact us today if you would like to discuss client referral or association with us.
Let us help maximize your client’s recovery by employing our years of experience in the maritime personal injury field.




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